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The ideal holiday destination for you, your family, friends and loved ones – Bhutan. Enjoy the scenic beauty blend with rich cultural heritage, set amidst tranquil landscapes surrounded by towering mountains and impressive fortresses. Amazing Dragon Holidays ensures you an unforgettable and carefree holiday, tailored to suit your requirements with customized tour packages and expert tour guides.

Whether you are an individual or groups looking to experience Bhutan’s various facets, Amazing Dragon Holidays understands your needs and gives you exactly what you need and had in mind. From the adventurous thrill of biking, the adrenaline kicking in with trekking and hiking tours, to the romantic honeymooners, or senior citizens looking to experience the happiness of Bhutan, to the youth looking for an escapade from their regular hectic schedules, we are here to cater to all your needs. Think of Bhutan, think of Us!

Let us embark on this memorable journey together!!

About Bhutan

Nestled amongst the majestic and great, snow-capped Himalayan mountains, the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’ as Bhutan is popularly known, is a culturally diverse and picturesque country. Famous for its majestic fortresses called Dzongs and mystical monasteries, Bhutan opened its doors to the world in 1961 and has since then captivated visitors with its breathtaking natural beauty and stunning flora and fauna.

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Bhutan’s early history still remains shrouded in mystery, though it is a well-known fact that it is steeped in mythology and that Bonism was the prevalent widely accepted religion. The earliest known occupation in ancient Bhutan is believed to have been that of herding animals.

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Bhutan’s Economy

Bhutan’s economy is of one the world’s smallest and least developed. However, it has been growing rapidly in recent years and is largely based on hydroelectricity, tourism, agriculture and forestry. In spite of the rugged terrain and diverse landscape, hydroelectricity and construction continue to be major contributors to Bhutan’s economy.

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Art and Craft

Art and Craft not only form an essential part of Bhutan’s culture and heritage, but also are intrinsically linked to religion. They represent the exclusive and unique ‘spirit and identity’ of this beautiful country.

Evolved and adapted by new generations over the ages, Bhutanese art forms have preserved the spiritual values and traditions.

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Tshechu festival

Guru Rinpoche’s birth anniversary

Tshechu means ‘tenth day’ in Dzongkha. It is the biggest festival which is celebrated annually in autumn for three to four days, on the tenth day of the lunar calendar. It is a colorful celebration of the happy synthesis of changing nature with many moods of Bhutanese culture.

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Bhutan for Bikers

A bikers’ paradise! A whole new level of adrenaline rush! Come and explore the beauty of Bhutan on two wheels. For a whole new experience of riding, we have a fleet of well-maintained Royal Enfield Bullets with riding gear, to offer. Experience riding in the wind as you explore the varied terrains of Bhutan. Take your riding euphoria to a whole new level by immersing yourself in the many beautiful sights of Bhutan on two wheels. Let the thump of the Bullets sync with your heartbeats and resound the skies of Bhutan, as you ride along and enjoy the countryside along with the local flavor from the localites’ eyes. For more information on road trips on bikes, contact us.


Bhutan can be generally categorized into three main ethnic groups, the Tshanglas, the Ngalops and the Lhotshampas. The official language is Dzongkha, though over two dozen languages and dialects are spoken across the country.

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Bhutanese topography is a beautiful blend of rocky, rugged terrains, consisting of sky-punching mountains set amidst alluring landscapes and deep valleys.

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Bhutan is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary form of government. Bhutan used to be an absolute monarchy till the year 1907. Since then, the reigning bloodline of the Wangchuk Dynasty has steered the country towards economic self-reliance, regionally balanced development and environmental preservation and good governance.

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Government & Politics

Bhutan is a decentralized theocracy and has successfully completed its transition to a constitutional monarchy in 2008, and with it a parliamentary democracy was introduced. Shortly before King Jigme Singye Wangchuck abdicated the throne in December 2006, he set the wheels in motion for the first ever country-wide general elections.

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Foreign Relations

Bhutan’s foreign policy aims to continue to develop and maintain friendly relations with all countries in the region and beyond. Bhutan became a member of the United Nations in 1971, though it does not have diplomatic relations with any of the permanent members of the UN Security Council, including The United States.

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Getting to Bhutan

Bhutan opened its doors to the rest of world only in the early 1960s and remained largely cut-off until then. Only two main entry points gave access to the country by foot, one in the North through Tibet and the second one through the plains of Assam and West Bengal. The high frozen mountain passes in the North were inaccessible during winters and the dense jungles in the south made it extremely difficult to enter the country.

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